1 March

Decision Fatigue with a cat on the loose.

The only certain is change. I don’t know who originally stated that fact, could have been anyone of us in the midst of life. The next few months bring a life change for me. The future big events are certain, it’s the little things along the way that ‘get ya’, in the heart or the head.

The Saturday was all planned out, errands to attend to, the cat to get vaccinated for the journey, a pool part for Alamo birthdays and a musical event. Typing that is exhausting me. The first part of the day was unfolded as expected, made some tofu kabobs for the party later. Now the twist and turns, get the cat in the carrier and take him the small mile to the vet. The longest journey as he proceeded to tear through the carrier on the way there, calming reassurances did nothing for him. When I thought he was contained we proceeded into the office only to have him escape out of the carrier. Five of us tried to capture him with many bites and scratches on his mother. He left the enclosure like a shot and proceeded to tour the neighborhood. The last time he was spotted shooting out of a container, traffic and people rushing by. A few bystanders wanted in on the action. Oh Chale! as we say here in Ghana. Did I mention I’m in a small area of Accra in Ghana?

I felt hopeless and lost, what to do? How to find him? When I found him, then what? So many questions, decision fatigue.