Consistency in change

Walking on the beach, walking along the inter-coastal, walking along the causeway or just walking in the neighborhood, is one of my consistent ways of exercise and meditation. It is one of the things I do when I get to visit Florida for the holidays, over the winter break I logged over 70 miles and I’m already up to 26 miles. I sometimes walked alone, with Brené Brown in my ear or more often, with someone who was inspired to walk with me. Every walk is a unique experience for the senses and soul; the weather, the views and kinship with kindred spirits.

I’m here in Florida during this challenging time and getting to go on my walks is something I am beyond grateful for. My daughter, sister and son in law have been joining me on the daily ritual, last night their dog, Harpua even joined us on a five mile walk.

I have been practicing gratitude for many years now, it is a daily ritual that is more important than ever in my life.

Harpua made the journey.