Today was a good day

Changing time zones is always a challenge for me and probably a billion other people. I’ve been up every morning at 4:00 am here in Florida, sleeping in for Ghana time at 8:00 am at GMT. This morning I was able to go back to sleep for a bit before our morning walk at 8:00. The parks and places to be outside are closed, the Dunedin Causeway was open for a walk along the roadway. We met my sister at the parking spot and did our beautiful, a little over five mile walk along the pristine inter-coastal waterway, beautiful breeze and the bluest of sky as our guide.

We came back to Jomelia’s (the name my daughter and her husband have given their home) and had coffee and breakfast. The plan for the day was to go outside in the backyard and have a ‘garden party’, code for raking and cleaning up their backyard. We rested a bit while Joey mowed and captured some leaves with the mower. The sunshine and the breeze did not disappoint, we raked and bagged over 18 bags of leaves and branches. The backyard is coming together as a sanctuary and place to be at peace with the world. We have more work to do tomorrow, but it is a labor of love. Making the outside of the home match the inside.

Dunedin Causeway- the draw bridge behind us and Honeymoon Island.
The after shot of cleanup.